Club Pilates Engages the Community

Article by Lynette Carrington

Images by Caroline Wilson

Club Pilates franchise owners Keith and Yvette Jacobs launched their second Scottsdale studio location in the Shops Gainey Village just last month and the response has been tremendous. The more of the community they get to know, the more encouraged they become that they have made a successful and engaging business venture choice. Likewise, the community has enthusiastically responded to its new neighbor.

Opening in the hottest part of the summer could be a challenge for any business, but Club Pilates powered through it. “We had a great opening and we’re growing every day,” says Keith Jacobs. Recognizing people’s busy schedules, Club Pilates even offers classes as early as 5:30 a.m. to capture its ambitious early birds.

Members at the new Club Pilates primarily live in the Gainey Ranch area, but travel from other parts of the Valley, too. “The typical membership radius is three to five miles, but we’re pulling some people from further away, like Arcadia south Scottsdale and Paradise Valley,” notes Jacobs. As an added benefit to members, they can enjoy instruction from their favorite Club Pilates instructors at either of the two Scottsdale locations since almost all the staff members work at both studios.  


Continuing its grand opening offer, Club Pilates at the Shops Gainey Village is offering 20 percent off the first month to new members, plus potential guests can visit the studio for a complimentary trial class.

Jacobs says, “Members who sign up of the Unlimited Membership at either Scottsdale studio also receive a $250 Privileges-American Express Travel Savings Card. Members who refer others that sign up for an Unlimited Membership also receive a $250 Privileges-American Express Travel Savings Card. Response has been great and people are really excited about it.”

Classes and Equipment

“The advantage of an unlimited membership is that they can go to any studio, and we have a lot of members who travel, too,” explains Jacobs. There are more than 250 Club Pilates studios across the United States, with another 100 locations projected to open by the end of 2017.

One stellar benefit to Club Pilates members is the extensive training that instructors must successfully complete before working with members. “The instructor can put their flair into a class. Overall, classes are structured the same and that’s the benefit of consistency,” says Jacobs. Every instructor has completed a comprehensive 500-hour Pilates program in order to teach our members. Club Pilates does offer a 500-hour comprehensive program for people who are interested in teaching. Our studio is actually hosting its first teacher training program this fall - October 7, 2017." At the Scottsdale studios, Master Instructor, Ashley LeGrand is in charge of "teach backs,” where incoming instructors must teach a class to the senior instructor prior to being able to proceed in teaching their own classes, in order to ensure mastery of the instructed methods.

As studio owners, the Jacobs have found Club Pilates to be an incredibly supportive franchise. “The resources are strong,” adds Jacobs. “They’ve really brought in a lot of heavy hitters from other major fitness organizations.” The franchise’s focus on Pilates keeps the fitness methods pure and on-track. Jacobs adds, “Having the TRX system is huge, too. It’s not just doing Pilates and reformer, you have a lot of different fitness moves you’re going to learn and it’s a whole lot of workout.” There is also other equipment in the studio that helps to keep workouts exciting. 

Moving Forward

The experience of owning two Club Pilates studios and getting such great support from the corporate office has been encouraging. The couple is looking forward to possibly opening additional studio locations. “We’re looking at other areas… Arcadia, Paradise Valley and south Scottsdale and maybe, eventually ASU and Rio Salado,” explains Jacobs. “For us, it’s really about a great space.”

Club Pilates Gainey Ranch is located at 8787 N. Scottsdale Rd. For additional information call (480) 462-1299 or click here: Book a Free Intro Class at Gainey Ranch. Club Pilates Scottsdale and Shea is located at 9301 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 127, Scottsdale. For additional information call (480) 771-3774 or click here: Book a Free Intro Class at Scottsdale Shea.